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    Brain Gym

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    Massage Therapy

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    Active Release Technique – ART

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additional options for your health

  • 03 Apr 2017

    Core Insight to open at noon today

    Core Insight will open at noon today.  If you have any questions regarding chiropractic, massage therapy or acupuncture appointments, please give the office a call....

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We offer a variety of products that can be used in addition to the techniques and services we also offer. These products can be beneficial in regards to numerous health issues when used as instructed by one of our staff.

  • Trigger Point Performance Therapy

    Help for Home

    This form of therapy features four core products to help you manage your aches and pain.

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  • Nutritional Supplements

    an important component for optimal health

    Core Insight believes vitamins and supplements can play a big role in the achievement of balance in regards to your body chemistry.

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  • Custom Orthotics

    another step to improve yours

    In some cases we offer orthotics to aid in the recovery of our patients.

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  • Compression Socks

    We are now carrying THERAFIRM®, a new line of therapeutic gradient compression hosiery. Compression hosiery is a product that helps to improve venous and lymphatic blood flow. This type of hosiery is great for people who suffer from tired, aching, fatigued legs, swollen feet, ankles and legs, people with varicose veins, and those who sit [...]

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