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  • 03 Apr 2017

    Core Insight to open at noon today

    Core Insight will open at noon today.  If you have any questions regarding chiropractic, massage therapy or acupuncture appointments, please give the office a call....

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As part of our Corporate Health Services we offer lectures and workshops that aim to provide those in attendance with practical skills that can be implemented immediately. Our presenters are enthusiastic and knowledgeable, and the presentations are high-energy and informative.

Lectures (30-60 minutes): Complimentary
Half-day Workshops: Please contact our office for workshop details and prices.

Full-day Workshops: Please contact our office for workshop details and prices.
Back Health and Safety
An important issue for both companies and their employees, lower back pain and workplace injury come at a tremendous cost to all involved. Stressing the size of the issue, as well as the importance of properly addressing it, our presentation shows our solutions for how good back health can be achieved and maintained. We present statistics on back pain and injury, information on posture and proper lifting techniques, stretching and exercise directions and basic advice on good nutrition.

Eating to Win!
The foundation of support for a healthy body is built through good nutrition. In order to rebuild and repair itself the body must receive the building blocks and energy it needs through the food it is fed. Our presentation teaches basic nutrition principles that lead to individuals with increased physical energy, enhanced mental clarity and a more effective immune system. This in turn leads to a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.

Brain Gym: Enhancing Your Learning and Performance
For over eighty years developmental experts have understood that movement enhances learning. To take advantage of this relationship a program of physical movements were develop to enhance learning and performance in all areas. This program is known as Brain Gym, and it consists of twenty six easy and enjoyable targeted activities that integrate body and mind with dramatic and rapid improvements often seen in: concentration, memory, reading, writing, organizing, listening, physical coordination and more. These changes occur because Brain Gym develops the brain’s neural pathways naturally through movement.

Core Insight’s Dr. Jennifer Drover (chiropractor) is a certified consultant and instructor in Brain Gym who has lectured and presented on Brain Gym across the country. As a program used in more than eighty countries and taught in thousands of public and private schools around the world, as well as in corporate, performing arts and athletic training programs, we are pleased to present Brain Gym lectures and workshops for your business.

Fitness in the Workplace
A key component to any healthy workplace is physical fitness. With this in mind our “Fitness in the Workplace” lecture provides an overview on effective stretching, strength training, cardiovascular fitness regimens and the importance of regular exercise in general. Finally, we provide effective and appropriate solutions for individuals to achieve optimum physical fitness by determining their interests and strengths.

The Power of Focus
The average person only uses ten percent of their brain’s capacity. This means that ninety percent of a person’s potential is dormant. The ability of a person to focus is often proportional to the success they experience. “The Power of Focus” lecture introduces individuals to the power of the mind, and provides the tools necessary to begin strengthening their ability to focus. The importance of these tools is emphasized through examples of how focus can impact time management, goal setting, job completion, productivity and one’s work/life balance.

Team Building for Success
A good team is an important asset for any business. The best teams have individuals who can work with their strengths, as well as with others to obtain a common goal. Aiming to build self-esteem, improve relationships, and synergize employee and employer in a partnership toward service and excellence, the “Team Building for Success” lecture is a high-energy presentation that focuses on developing a better team for your company.

For More Information on our lectures and workshops, please contact us at 709-738-0366 or through our Contact Form here.

Core Insight is proud to have Drover Financial as a strategic partner in delivering its corporate development solutions.